We have been raising Black Angus and other livestock since around 2004. We've tried raising goats and even Scotch Highland cows. Having wintered animals over a few years, we found that getting animals in the spring and sending them to the butcher the same fall works best for our lifestyle. As a result, our animals are smaller than older and feedlot steers, but our customers don't seem to mind. If you want more beef - just order another quarter.

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We usually get 6 black angus steers in April and take them to the butcher between October and December. Our animals are not exposed to hormones or antibiotics. They graze on our pastures and get a few pounds of grain each day to add protein. They are butchered locally at a USDA-certified butcher shop, where the meat is deep frozen and vaccuum packed. Pick-up is generally done directly at the butcher shop, but we are also licensed to sell cuts out of our house.

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